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    Soft and stretchy shoe laces that only need to be tied once!

    Our unique elasticated material lets you slip your feet in and out of your favourite footwear in seconds.  Tie once and you’re done, no need to untie/tie your laces again, just pop your shoes on and away you go... genius!
    Designed for everyone from fell runners to free runners, dancers to DJ’s, school kids to big kids, Poplaces™ are fast becoming this years must-have footwear accessory. You may have even seen Poplaces™ popping out on a few famous feet already!  
    Not only are Poplaces amazingly practical, they look fabulous as well. With a variety of colours to choose from you can now coordinate your outfit with your footwear (don't forget to mix and match your Popbands too!) .
    Poplaces™ come pre-packed so arrive clean, fresh, and beautifully presented for you and your family to enjoy – a fantastic gift idea for all ages.