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    "My daughter like most kids, never undoes her trainer laces, at least with these it doesn't matter as she can still get her feet in easily, no damage to the shoe from shoving her foot in! Easy to lace and look good too."
    Cat via Amazon.

    "Wow, they actually work! Fabulous invention! My son is special needs and just never mastered the tech of tying shoelaces. These laces allow him independence in putting shoes on! I found that as my son was growing up, there were fewer and fewer possible shoes with velcro closings, so we had no other option but to go with laces in trainers. These laces are a fab solution!"
    LisaBlc via Amazon.

    "I got these for my granddaughter as she find normal laces take too much time to fasten ( typical 9 yr old !!!!) she loves the stretchy laces and is out the door really quickly without the normal moaning !!! Worth every penny."
    Tine via Amazon.

    "Great laces, i bought these due to medical issues which prevent me from bending to tie my laces. These laces mean i can tie them one and use a shoe horn to slide my shoes on without any pain! I saw another review posted for these laces in a different colour saying that there is glotter on one side, but there is no glitter. The elastic used in the laces is very shiny/reflective so can look sparky but if you tie them with the flat colour facing up there are no problems :)"
    Craig Richards via Amazon.

    "My son loves these, great time saver: 'Like putting on my slippers’."
    Patricia Mckeown via Amazon.

    "Exactly as the description says, tie once and leave them alone. Elasticated to allow shoes to be slipped on and off but remain snug."
    AndieMatrix via Amazon.

    "These are a little large for my 4 year olds converse trainers, but I've just tied them inside and tucked them in, and they look great. So much easier than having to undo and re-do her laces for her, she can now just slip them on and off herself."
    Chantelle via Amazon.

    "Great functional lacing system and ideal for my disabled child. No more looking around for 2 or 3 strap velcro shoes or trainers. Long lasting, having transferred them 3x into different trainers and with the colour range you can uplift any laced styling you choose. Great stretch and so far not a single pull or elastic break in either lace."
    Tigger67 via Amazon.